We effectively whiten even severely discolored, deeply stained, and sensitive teeth!

At Aesthetic Dental Creations in Jackson, New Jersey, we really live up to our name. Led by Dr. Balaji Srinivasan, our team creates aesthetically pleasing smiles. Professional teeth whitening presents one of the fastest, easiest, and most affordable ways to dramatically enhance the beauty of your smile.

Dentists like Dr. Srinivasan have access to powerful whitening gels, which are formulated with ingredients clinically proven to safely and effectively break up stains. These gels are sufficiently concentrated with active ingredients to make a difference in the color of your teeth. For this reason, professional whitening treatments get results when OTC treatments fail to live up to their marketing hype or promises.

Dr. Srinivasan, however, goes above and beyond. He distinguishes himself from most other dental practices in Monmouth and Ocean counties with deep bleaching. Treatment with the revolutionary KöR® system allows us to remove even very dark stains or intrinsic (internal) discoloration. Many other dentists do not have the products and techniques that we use for severe cases of staining and discoloration. They may recommend covering up the discolored teeth with composite bonding, porcelain veneers, or crowns. This approach does not actually treat the problem: the stains or discoloration. It merely disguises the underlying condition with greater expense and time commitment than modern bleaching methods.

How we get real results

Dr. Srinivasan has vetted various techniques and products to arrive at a system that works. You will wear trays or oral appliances made to conform to the contours of your mouth.

We will show you how to fill the trays with KöR’s proprietary bleaching gel. The tray then slips into your mouth. The trays are designed for maximum effectiveness. They seal in the gel, which eliminates the risk of it irritating oral tissues. This feature also supports optimal, evenly distributed application of the whitening gel to the teeth.

The gel itself has been specially formulated to minimize tooth sensitivity, which is a common concern associated with professional whitening. So, even patients with a history of tooth sensitivity can be well-suited to KöR®. Patients usually wear their trays for 2 weeks. Results are lasting, as long as you care for your teeth and maintain regular dental checkups.

Thanks to modern, innovative deep bleaching systems, teeth that were formerly considered to be resistant to whitening can now be brightened to a dazzling, vibrant, and healthy shade. Call (732) 451-3570 to schedule an appointment at Aesthetic Dental Creations or request an appointment online. Your “wow” smile is right around the corner!