Protect your teeth and preserve your smile with highly aesthetic, strong, and conservative dental fillings

When dentists like Aesthetic Dental Creations Dr. Balaji Srinivasan prioritize “relationships,” we can often help patients avoid another “r” word: restorative dentistry! Dental restorations should not be put in a bad light. In fact, these may be the only way to preserve a badly broken, infected, or otherwise significantly damaged tooth. With that being said, our team in Jackson, New Jersey, knows quite intimately how easily these treatments can be prevented. To avoid the cavities or decay that leads to the need for dental fillings, inlays, onlays, crowns, or even tooth replacement, all that may be necessary is to keep standard check-ups once every six months for patients who do not have risk factors for problems such as advanced gum disease and oral cancers.

Proactive care meets advanced dentistry

We try to control everything possible in partnership with our patients and always with their best interests at heart as members of our extended dental family. Sometimes, though, we know that life can get in the way. It can throw us real curveballs that endanger the health of our teeth; for instance, accidents on the field, rink, or court can lead to dental or oral injuries. Likewise, there may be situations or changes to your health status that present new risks to your oral health. Regardless of the nature of the condition that may lead to your need for restorative care, patients from throughout Lakewood, Toms River, Manchester, and greater Ocean and Monmouth counties have peace of mind that their treatment is in competent hands.

Fillings are often one of the most common dental services that come to mind when people think of dentistry. It is one of the more conservative treatments when your tooth has sustained damage that cannot be addressed with professional services or hygiene products and modifications designed to strengthen enamel and remineralize the teeth.

While many different dental materials may be prepared, shaped, and placed to “fill in” or repair cavities or holes caused by decay in the tooth. Many patients appreciate highly aesthetic tooth-colored fillings made from metal-free materials such as composite resin. The composite may be brilliantly and seamlessly color-matched to blend in with the surrounding and neighboring teeth. Conservative techniques also minimize the extent of alteration to the natural tooth required during the placement of the filling. We generally want to preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible. This structure aids in retaining the long-term strength and health of the treated tooth and supports the most natural aesthetics and feel in the mouth.

We encourage you to contact us before problems that may be signs of decay or other conditions requiring treatment arise. We are also happy to discuss professional preventive services, such as dental sealants placed on decay-prone back teeth. Call Aesthetic Dental Creations today, without delay, at (732) 451-3570.