Signs of dental problems

Signs of dental problems
7 Warning Signs of a Dental Problem
by: Aesthetic Dental Creations


Maintaining good oral hygiene and regularly scheduling dental visits are the best defenses against dental problems. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing offer protection from cavities, plaque build-up, and gum disease, and thorough, routine dental exams ensure any issues with the teeth or mouth are caught early on, as problems can advance before the onset of symptoms and pain.

In addition to oral hygiene, take a peek inside your mouth frequently. Pay attention to any changes you see or feel when it comes to your teeth, gums, tongue, or mouth, and immediately schedule a dental appointment if you notice any of the warning signs of a dental problem discussed below. A prompt, professional diagnosis will prevent further damage and pain.

7 Warning Signs of a Dental Problem:

  1. Spots, discolorations, cracks, holes, or chips on the tooth’s surface, along the gumline, or between the teeth. This can indicate or lead to decay.
  2. Swollen, painful, discolored, tender, bleeding, and/ or receding gums signal gingivitis or even advanced gum (periodontal) disease, which can eventually result in tooth loss, if left untreated.
  3. Shifting or loose teeth can also be indicative of gum disease.
  4. Sensitivity to hot and/ or cold may mean worn enamel, receding gums, or decay.
  5. Sores, pus, discolorations, growths, or white or red patches anywhere in the mouth (on the gums, tongue, or insides of the cheeks, or even under the tongue) can be signs of an infection, disease, or even oropharyngeal cancer.
  6. Dry mouth, or a lack of saliva, can lead to decay, as saliva actually helps keep the teeth clean.
  7. Persistent bad breath could be indicative of an infection or decay.

Remember, some oral problems can also indicate serious health issues, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and immune system disorders.

Dentists use technology, such as x-rays and high resolution cameras, to thoroughly and closely inspect all teeth and dental work for tiny cracks and fissures and early wear and tear. Beyond regular dental exams, you should know what’s going on inside your mouth; do not ignore any signs of discomfort or changes in appearance. Most of the time, there is a simple solution if the condition is treated immediately and properly, saving unnecessary pain, damage, and even tooth loss.

Dr. Balaji and the staff at Aesthetic Dental Creations use state-of-the-art technology for exams, diagnoses, and procedures to ensure early treatment of oncoming dental issues before problems arise. It is important to schedule your dental exam immediately if you have any of the above symptoms, or if you have not had a dental exam in the past six months, to avoid damage and complications. Contact Aesthetic Dental Creations today by calling 732-363-5370 or clicking here to schedule your dental exam and cleaning.

Dr. Balaji Srinivasan, known to his patients as “Dr. Balaji,” has been providing general and cosmetic dental services in Ocean County, NJ since 1997, with patients from Ocean County, Monmouth County, and other areas of Central New Jersey. At Aesthetic Dental Creations of Jackson, NJ, Dr. Balaji and his dental office staff remain dedicated to providing each patient with superior care and customer service, as well as precise dental procedures using the latest technology innovations and cutting-edge procedures. At Aesthetic Dental Creations, patients have a lot to smile about!


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