Initial Oral Examination

First impressions are important. Our new client experience is one like you have never experienced before. Be prepared to have the most thorough and detailed comprehensive exam. From our digital radiographs which have one-tenth the radiation exposure as traditional x-rays to our digital photography, you will be able to see the condition of your dental health in high definition.

We conduct a head/neck exam, oral cancer screening and periodontal evaluation as well. Armed with all this information Dr. Srinivasan can then make recommendations on how to enhance the condition of  your dental and overall health.

Crowns and Veneers

Dr. Srinivasan has had extensive training in the art of smile design. His smile rejuvenation process is very controlled and predictable.  He does only metal free crowns. This will eliminate those ugly black lines people see when someone has a porcelain to metal crown. An all porcelain crown allows light to be transmitted through the tooth giving a completely natural appearance. He offers free cosmetic consultations to discuss these and other options. Refer to our smile gallery to see some of his work.

Aesthetic Onlays and Inlays

Dr. Srinivasan has been trained in adhesive dentistry which allows him to place enamel-like restorations which can treat decayed teeth as well as upgrade those ugly metal mercury fillings. Often on x-rays of old metal mercury or composite fillings can look fine but upon closer examination the results can be eye popping. Dr. Srinivasan uses digital dental photography to show you in great detail the cracks, open margins and decay that is usually missed by x-rays. By using adhesive dentistry he is able to preserve most of your enamel and replace the chipped cracked fillings with aesthetic onlays or inlays. Your teeth will be restored to their original strength, color and beauty. Our smile gallery will provide you with examples of these amazing restorations.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are gaining popularity as consumers are becoming more educated. Dental implants can replace a single tooth to multiple teeth or even provide stability for dentures. Clients who wear dentures can now throw away those messy denture adhesives.

Dr. Srinivasan works closely with implant specialists who will place the implant(s). After time is allowed for the implant to become solid then Dr. Srinivasan will build the teeth above the implants.

Deep Bleaching

This revolutionary way is guaranteed to whiten your smile. Dr. Srinivasan is certified in providing this service which is permanent and has little to no sensitivity. It is a fool proof system that radically whitens your teeth and allows it to become permanent with little maintenance. Seeing is believing. Not all whitening techniques are the same. Some cause sensitivity. Some don’t get teeth as white as they can. Some don’t have long lasting effects.

We at Aesthetic Dental Creations have the best technique available. We don’t use laser gimmicks but instead have combined and modified several techniques to provide the most optimal results.

The first session of Deep Bleaching starts in our office which will condition the teeth to absorb oxygen more readily from the bleaching gel in your at home Deep Bleaching Trays.Immediately following this conditioning visit you will wear your Deep Bleaching Trays for 14 nights while you sleep. After the 14th night of at home Deep Bleaching, the final Deep Bleaching will be performed in our office and will provide the WOW factor of additional whitening.This ensures the best result and the proof is in the satisfaction of our patients. This method has little to NO sensitivity and is permanent. View our smile gallery to see the results.

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal disease is very destructive to not only your teeth but your overall health as well. The research has shown that there is a link between periodontal disease and other systemic diseases. Bleeding gums, loose teeth, bad breath, or gum recession can be indicators to someone having periodontal disease. If you feel you have any or all of these symptoms then you should be screened for periodontal disease. Remember that it can stabilized and you will be improving your overall health as well. Dr. Srinivasan tests for your nutritional status by using a laser scanner to detect the amount of antioxidants in your body. This non-invasive, pain free test allows Dr. Srinivasan to evaluate a client’s current ability to naturally fight of the inflammatory disease, periodontitis. He can then recommend dental treatment along with natural supplementation to help your body bolster’s its own natural immune response to maintain health teeth and gums.

Removable Dental Prosthesis

Having teeth to properly chew and digest food is very important to your overall health condition. If you are missing teeth and would like to have a better quality of life when it comes to eating then ask us how we can give you what you want. Dr. Srinivasan makes dentures and partial dentures with cosmetic clasps so that they are virtually invisible.

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